Fire's Night

New Stories Every New Moon

The night of the new moon is not a night for sleep. When the wizards and the fairies are out the only thing to do is to wait, to watch, and to keep the fire lit.

What better way to speed the dawn than by telling stories?

These stories were published here with the idea that by putting something new up every month, whether I'd had time to polish it or not, I could provide a bit of entertainment and keep my creative muscles exercised.

As of July 2020 I've put the project on hiatus. I'm seeing an increase in other avenues to get my work out there, and want to put more of my time toward those. But I may return to Fire's Night at some time in the future.

(Small) November 2020 Update: The website changed hosts a little while ago and it looks like some of the formatting might've gotten mangled during the transfer. I'm hoping most of it's fixed now, but there might be some stray &'s. I recently started using pandoc to make exporting/formatting less sanity-blasting, and all of these are on the docket for eventual re-upload once I've gotten my system down. Stay tuned.

If you enjoy what you read here, please reach out! I'd love to hear it.




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