• The Function of Beauty in Middle-Earth: I'm not shy about my thoughts on how Tolkien's world has been expanded upon in recent years, but the trailers for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War spurred me to channel that outrage into something constructive.
  • How I Use Trello: Trello has become my go-to tool for generally keeping track of things, and I've put quite a bit of effort into the system I use with it.
  • Player Buy-In: GMs have a lot of expectations placed upon them, but players aren't free of responsibility.
  • Leading A Horse: Social mechanics is easily one of the most contentious aspects of RPGs. Here's my two cents on how to handle them.
  • Working with Scale: Scale is one of those elements of narrative which goes criminally under-utilized in RPGs. But when done correctly, it can bring a lot to the table.
  • Roleplaying & Resources: A compiled list of the blogs, podcasts, and tools I've collected to help with RPGs.




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