Sarenteth: Song of Sareth

This is a roleplaying game about living in a world directly inspired by fairy tales and the medieval folklore of the Celtic and Germanic peoples. It should contain everything you need to get a game up and running.

At the moment the rulebook is still under development. The rules themselves are largely finished* but the setting, GMing, and example chapters all need work. When I'm done, I hope to begin development on a series of splat-books which go into more detail about specific places, time periods, and cultures within the setting.

You can download the core rules here.

*I've been blessed with good friends who have helped playtest this game's many iterations since the original in 2008. I can only imagine they will cringe when they read this, as I've assured them all many, many times that the rules were mostly finished and then made sweeping changes. So we'll see.




Sheet music on the homepage!